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Clients / University of Canterbury


Warren & Mahoney

Consultants: BECA (Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic), Holmes Consulting (Structural), Cosgroves (Fire), DO Projects (Planning)

Value: $1,900,000.00 + GST

Programme: 10.5 weeks

A constrained project which was undertaken in a collaborative manner between client, consultants and main contractor. It was undertaken on a mix of both Cost plus Reimbursement and Fixed price method of contract.

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The project was undertaken in very constrained conditions with only a12 week time line (10.5 weeks of construction + 1.5 weeks of Preliminaries including initial design & budgeting).

Design / Construction Meetings were held up to 3 times a week to ensure the project could maintain its tight delivery schedule. Image successfully delivered the project within the constrained timeline and achieved compliance from the Christchurch City Council.