Engineering - EPS Repairs - Deconstruction

Client University of Canterbury
Consultants: Repair contract PMO: The Project Office
Architects: Courtney Architects (repairs)
Services: Cosgroves (repairs)
QS: Rawlinsons (repairs)
Consultants: Deconstruction Services engineering: Powell Fenwick Consultants
Structural: Holmes Consulting
Consultants: New entries and landscaping Services engineering: Powell Fenwick Consultants
Structural: Holmes Consulting
Architects: Warren and Mahoney
Value $2 million
Programme 16 weeks
EQ Deconstruction
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EPS Repairs: Deconstruction

We were engaged by the client on a negotiated basis. The project consisted of three separate contracts.

  1. Deconstruction:
    • for the 'Simeon' chemical engineering building (6 storeys)
    • of the 'Mushroom' lecture theatres and offices (3 storey building)
    • relocation of all underground services
  2. Structural and decorative repairs to the EPS Engineering library
  3. Construction of the new entrances to now detached buildings including new external landscaping

The projects had different design teams from each other and also were undertaken under different forms of contract: (1) cost plus reimbursement; (2) a fixed price sum.

The contracts were undertaken simultaneously and managed by Image whilst surrounding areas and buildings remained occupied. The main plant room in the basement of the 'Simeon' building had to remain live whilst the building was deconstructed on top of it, as it fed services to several surrounding buildings. The project also required three consents from two different authorities and had staged handovers.


"The University of Canterbury gratefully acknowledges the support you have provided in response to the earthquake in Christchurch on 4 September 2010. We have been truly humbled by the willingness and speed of response of the many people, suppliers and organizations that have helped us during this time. Your generosity has been much appreciated and has made it possible for us to get back on track so quickly. "

University of Canterbury:
Vice Chancellor: Dr Rod Carr

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